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1) Illegal material is not allowed.
The site is publicly visible to anyone, be them a member of the site or not, so consider any post discussing illegal activity such as underage drinking, drug use, stealing, peeping, jay-walking, or murdering subject to deletion, infraction or ban. Distribution of any illegal materials through the site, notably Child Porn (CP) is an offense that will result in a permanent ban. This includes both through PM and forum posts as well as any other form of trading that is directly related to the site.
2) No real children.
No real children, even innocent/non-sexual ones.
3) Post subject matter in appropriate categories
Except for discussion of sexual acts between a member/poster and a child or any plans of such acts, ANY other discussion is allowed in appropriate sections. Please be aware of all section sticky threads which will provide you with guidelines for each section.
4) If you're a dick or a moron, be prepared to take responsibility for it.
In other words, please be respectful to other members. This means don't keep trolling someone if they have a breakdown, and don't say anything grossly offensive. If it becomes a constant problem, action will be taken.
5) Don't be creepy.
This includes stalking, sending weird/pervy/inappropriate messages, requests for photos, and unrequited flirting. This isn't a dating site, don't treat it like one.
6) No hardcore porn outside Spam, Visual Arts and Doujins & Manga
Outside of the spam, visual arts and doujins & manga sections, no images depicting penetration are allowed within the discussion forums, avatars, signatures, or profile pics. This includes both images of real adults and hentai/drawn images.
7) Keep all fantasies in a fantasy context.
All stories and story discussion (as well as Role Play [RP] premises) are to be assumed as fictional. Any declaration that a story involving sexual acts between the narrator and a real child actually occurred will result in deletion under the rules of illegal discussions (above).
Disclaimer: The staff reserve the right to modify/delete posts or ban you for any reason whatsoever. They also reserve the right to keep those reasons between themselves and directly affected parties.

Miscellaneous extras:
  1. Owning multiple accounts is unnecessary and will not be allowed for any reason.
  2. Don't double-post, edit your previous post instead. Don't crap up the forums with spam either. If your posts are boring or extremely short, expect them to be deleted.
  3. This is an adult site, so you need to be 18+ to join. We will ban anyone who admits to being underage.
  4. Don't tell people you're a girl if you're not. It's creepy and you'll get banned for it.
  5. If you see something that's bugging you, REPORT IT! If it's not reported, chances are nothing will be done about it.
  6. You need 20 posts and 45 reputation to access the gallery, downloads section or doujin forums. For more information see the FAQs.
  7. Real children are not "lolis" - do not refer to them as such!
  8. Don't hide images in spoilers unless you have a good reason to (i.e. they're offensive or spoilers). If an image is large it should be linked or thumbnailed, if it's not then there is no reason to spoiler it.
  9. Attach files to posts rather than linking to offsite downloads. We'll be here tomorrow, your file host may not. Files must NOT be password protected, and zip format is preferred over 7zip/rar/tar/gzip/whatever the new fad is.
  10. Do not give newbies more than 15 rep at a time. The staff reserve the right to restrict rep in any way deemed appropriate, including but not limited to those mentioned in the FAQ. Any disputes should be directed to an admin.


Offsite advertising is permitted in signatures, provided:
  1. You're advertising your own work only, not a third-party.
  2. Ads may be text+links only, no images (e.g. banners).
  3. No calls to action. So "My Patreon" is ok, but "Donate to me on Patreon" is not.
  4. Do not make a post or thread just for the purpose of advertising.

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