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3312Bleed^Isotope#lru2016-01-17 17:09:34 <Jenni> i only date boys
3311Kitsune#lru2015-10-16 01:34:07<+Bleed^Isotope> Danke_Elf, post a dick pic
3310Kitsune#lru2015-10-16 01:16:47<+Bleed^Isotope> !randq <+Bleed^Isotope> !randq <+Bleed^Isotope> !randq <+Bleed^Isotope> !randq <+Bleed^Isotope> !randq
3309Bleed^Isotope#lru2015-10-13 21:49:57<Kitsune> Broken girls usually come with drama <Kitsune> suicide this, and emotions that
3308Kitsune#lru2015-10-10 18:26:45<+Bleed^Isotope> hot pocket! Bleed^Isotope noms. LoliDolly nods lightly, remaining quiet as she sat in Bleed^Isotope's lap. <+Bleed^Isotope> looks like this isn't the only hot pocket im gonna have tonight!
3307Kitsune#lru2015-10-09 21:59:10<+Kitsune> Windows 10. It's a White van with Free OS painted on the side.
3306Kitsune#lru2015-08-21 13:50:02<~Jenni> i've blown it, like, ten times this hour
3305Kitsune#lru2015-08-12 13:35:08 <%Lost_Rose> Your pussy is like a mix of my two...
3304Jenni#lru2015-07-31 20:48:41<Bleed^Phone> [12:57:49] Jenni|Away can't connect to internet. I hot fed up and picked up the phone and ordered some Internets. They'll be coming on the 3rd so I won't see you til then. Spread the news
3303Kitsune#lru2015-05-29 19:37:02<@Twilight> i had a guitar and a camera and a vagina, there wasn't much room for the telly <@Twilight> as it was, fitting the guitar in was insane <+Kitsune> ouch
3302Kitsune#lru2015-05-24 05:51:47Kitsune wonders if he'll eventually stop coming
3301Jenni_at_work#lru2015-04-08 11:17:15 <Bleed^Phone> Internet died 10:40 <Bleed^Phone> Can't connect 10:42 <Bleed^Phone> There's a new Wi-Fi access point labeled BUY YOUR OWN WIFI
3300Jenni_at_work#lru2015-02-20 15:25:32 <AI|Phone> Some day my small penis with make some women very disappointed.
3299Kitsune#lru2015-02-04 18:38:30<+Bleed^Isotope> oohh, you make me rite wet in me ginger minge, jon snoo
3298dinoraw2#lru2015-01-24 17:44:14Bleed^Isotope:but Bleed^Isotope:she kissed me goodnight Kitsune: She kissed you... goodbye Dinoraw: yep
3297Kitsune#lru2015-01-24 17:43:42<Bleed^Isotope> but <Bleed^Isotope> she kissed me goodnight :( <+Kitsune> She kissed you... goodbye <+Dinoraw> yep
3296Dinoraw#lru2015-01-24 17:41:35Bleed^Isotope: but
3295Kitsune#lru2015-01-20 16:57:26<+Rin> dude I didn't wake up till 5:30 I was in too much pain <+Kitsune> So he probably is bigger than me
3294Jenni_at_work#lru2015-01-19 15:33:20 <Bleed^Isotope> i have a baby penis 15:31 <Bleed^Isotope> i swer
3293Jenni|Away#lru2015-01-06 20:02:14<Jenni|Away> !quote <Aki> lol how do u quote again XD <Jenni|Away> c'mon SIG <Kitsune> addq <Jenni|Away> ugh
3289Jenni|Away#lru2015-01-01 14:41:29<Bleed^Isotope> this is gonna take forever <Bleed^Isotope> unless i wanna move my pc to the garage for a faster download
3288Jenni|Away#lru2014-12-22 08:33:10 <Bleed^Isotope> if she's a paid dlc i want to want to fuck her [07:27:50] <Bleed^Isotope> you know?
3287Jenni|Away#lru2014-12-03 22:03:49<Kitsune> Oh, and before you ask, genitals are a bit tricky.
3286Jenni_at_work#lru2014-11-05 09:57:52 <Twilight> also, I quit distributing or selling my panties when asked if I was actually selling soiled children's erotic undergarments
3284Bleed^Isotope#lru2014-09-03 12:53:14<Bleed^Isotope> a minute later my dick flops out completely <Jenni_at_work> awesome
3283Kitsune#lru2014-08-27 13:54:55<+Kitsune> I shove people in front of cars, when I want to eat fresh vegetables
3282Jenni_at_work#lru2014-08-22 11:10:58 <Bleed^Phone> Also goes your computer still work when the power from each out?
3281Jenni_at_work#lru2014-07-21 10:05:00<Angel> What do you use? <Kitsune> For panties? <Angel> Yes. Or clothing. What ever. <Kitsune> I have a bunch of different ones
3280Bleed^Isotope#lru2014-05-21 18:50:19 <okii> good gawd, this place is deader than a rape victem's eyes
3279Jenni|Away#lru2014-05-20 20:19:16 Kitsune Love that dick slap to the face, though
3278Bleed^Isotope#lru2014-05-20 19:05:26<Kitsune> I don't want Jenni. I just want to amuse myself by imagining he fucks his bed with a Rainbow Dash picture
3277Jenni_at_work#lru2014-05-20 10:10:21 Twilight that is a corded gaming mouse, not a wireless mobile computing mouse
3276Bleed^Isotope#lru2014-05-11 20:12:44 <AI|Tablet > Jenni|Away, hold me [01:08] Jenni|Away holds AI's tablet [01:08] Jenni|Away drops it [01:08] |<-- AI|Tablet has left (Ping timeout) [01:08] <Jenni|Away> oh shit i think i broke his tablet
3275Bleed^Isotope_#lru2014-05-02 14:23:07 <Jenni_at_work> if you're going to fuck me then fuck me
3273Jenni|Away#lru2014-03-17 22:44:08 <Bleed^Isotope> and then you murder the president
3272Kitsune#lru2014-03-06 16:02:33<~Jenni_at_work> torrent some hardcore child pornography
3271Kitsune#lru2014-01-31 09:15:09<~Jenni_at_work> dicks are already really hot
3270Jenni_at_work#lru2014-01-28 13:29:55 <Bleed^Isotope> Izumi_Konata: that's what you get for not going amd
3269Jenni_at_work#lru2014-01-21 12:43:34 <Bleed^Isotope> sometimes... 12:41 <Bleed^Isotope> i fap to cartoon ponies
3268Lost_Rose#lru2013-12-23 17:04:43<~Jenni_at_work> i was just sucking on the thing and then suddenly there was a stabbing pain in my tongue
3267Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-12-23 14:24:33 <Lost_Rose> I just want to be on Twilight's ship... <Bleed^Isotope> I just want to be in Twilight's hips... <Jenni_at_work> i want to bleed in twilight's hips
3266Jenni_at_work#lru2013-12-23 14:15:41 Bleed^Isotope makes out with LR|busy 13:58 <Bleed^Isotope> now your lips are busy 14:05 <LR|busy> ;D
3265Jenni_at_work#lru2013-12-17 10:43:02 Kitsune idk... I mean, if you're gonna be into mlp porn, then yeah, horse cock. However, it's the extent in which everypony has a horse dick, that you can start to wonder
3264Lost_Rose#lru2013-12-11 16:12:17<+AmericanIdiot> I don't like you Lost_Rose...
3263Jenni|Away#lru2013-12-08 10:48:44<Kitsune> [06:49:14] Everyone loves Jenni and Bleed around here. I need someone who wants to suck my dick, for a change.
3261Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-10-29 15:22:31Jenni_at_work kisses your back
3259Jenni_at_work#lru2013-10-29 14:05:39 Bleed^Isotope I'm batan 14:02 Bleed^Isotope batman*
3257Jenni_at_work#lru2013-10-04 17:07:46<Bleed^Isotope> why is ShankatsuForte's cat on my screen licking itself?
3256Kitsune#lru2013-10-03 10:26:36<Jckf> They ar eugly <+Kitsune> Ehh, not to the point of losing money <Bleed^Isotope> ^
3255Jenni#lru2013-09-29 16:21:28<Kitsune> Alright, and the anus works perfectly with animated smoothing
3254Jenni#lru2013-09-29 15:32:49<Kitsune> Also, I just made the best looking 3D anus, that I've seen, since I started this doing 3D
3253Kitsune#lru2013-09-03 16:51:12<+Kitsune> Bleed^Isotope <+Kitsune> I'm out <+Kitsune> right now <+Kitsune> under the desk <Bleed^Isotope> <.< Bleed^Isotope ( Quit ( Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90-rdmsoft [XULRunner] )
3252Kitsune#lru2013-08-29 11:37:56<+AmericanIdiot> But its gay if me and Bleed^Isotope do it without a female
3251Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-08-29 10:56:07<Bleed^Isotope> how are we gonna get the monsters though? <Twilight> we can just bring dave's family
3250Dinoraw1#lru2013-08-24 01:04:09Bleed^Isotope IT'S SO SMOOTH 14:02 I'M SLIDIN RIGHT OFF THIS CHAIR ITS SO SMOOTH 14:02 Dinoraw1 awww shit 14:02 yeah 14:02 liek butter 14:02 i could use this song as a anal lubricant
3249Kitsune#lru2013-08-09 11:37:41 <Bleed^Isotope> coming from the guy who wants to fuck Twilight [19:35:55] <Bleed^Isotope> lol nvm. i feel so bad for saying that [19:36:17] <+Kitsune> Did you just compare Twi's snatch to that of the filth you vacuum? [19:36:31] <Bleed^Isotope> i wasn't thinking v.v
3248Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-07-08 13:38:03 <AmericanIdiot> im poor
3247Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-05-28 17:22:43 <Kanaias> I just want sex .-. [22:07] <Kanaias> It's been a long time. [22:07] <Kanaias> lolol [22:07] <Kanaias> my vagina's hungry for da ween :c
3246Kanaias#lru2013-05-26 04:47:02<+Kitsune> Get naked and tell him you're a make a wish kid
3245Kitsune#lru2013-05-25 03:10:37<~Jenni> yay sony
3244Jenni#lru2013-05-25 02:43:54<Kitsune> Well no shit... It's not a PC. PC games will always be better. That doesn't mean you have to bitch and moan about it.
3243Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-05-18 17:36:02 <Jenni|Away> Scientists study violent winds of Uranus
3242Jenni#lru2013-05-17 21:29:05<Bleed^Isotope> i saw a jenni's penis once <Bleed^Isotope> it look angry <Bleed^Isotope> fuck... WORK, fingers!
3241Dave#lru2013-05-04 17:53:49<daisuke_reiji> I'm sure I'll be a global mod by the time you're allowed back. At which point I will permaban you for good.
3240Kitsune#lru2013-04-13 16:02:02<Bleed^Isotope> then stick my tongue inside and lick it all up
3239Kitsune#lru2013-04-11 17:15:31<+Kanaias> why the fuck do I crave it so bad
3238Dave#lru2013-04-09 15:08:04<Kitsune> let me suck your dad's dick
3237Kanaias#lru2013-03-20 20:51:55<Bleed^Isotope> she got some new body fart
3236Dave#lru2013-03-13 18:34:11 AM] Hope.: I have it out [1:33:31 AM] Dave: orly [1:33:31 AM] Hope.: want to see?
3235Jenni#lru2013-02-24 21:27:21<Bleed^Isotope> sorry for making france cry >.>
3234Dr_Al_Zheimer#lru2013-02-23 15:55:10<Kitsune> well that was a silly quote
3233Dr_Al_Zheimer#lru2013-02-23 15:54:25-*- stacyphone farts in Kitsune's mouth
3232Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-02-21 22:31:05 <Jenni> i miss pluto <Kanaias> I miss uranus.
3231Kanaias#lru2013-02-18 19:43:55<Kageroumaru> you can totally have sex for the cello <Kageroumaru> not with the guy in that video
3230Jenni#lru2013-02-15 18:30:46<Dave> Wait til shit breaks before you fix it
3229Kanaias#lru2013-02-13 15:21:08<Dave>...I think I need a cigarette
3228Dave#lru2013-02-13 15:19:21 Armoro: Stop being a duck :|
3227Kanaias#lru2013-02-13 10:19:29<Kitsune> no wait, that's his penis
3226Dave#lru2013-02-11 17:48:04 <anon> reminder you can buy a chinese child and teach it to sing for less than the vocaloid software
3225Dave#lru2013-02-11 10:25:23 <Kanaias> I think so, Dave.
3224Dave#lru2013-02-09 13:49:04 <Kitsune> My ass feels destroyed, right now =/
3223Kitsune#lru2013-02-03 15:33:15<+Kitsune> Bleed^Isotope, if it eases your mind, that above is a rimjob <Bleed^Isotope> I AM EATING
3222Jenni|Away#lru2013-02-03 13:18:46<Lost_Rose> Why would there be a peephole in a shower/bathroom?
3221Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-02-01 17:19:30<Kanaias> [11:14:38 PM] Cody: ha [11:14:47 PM] Cody: ive been addicted to skyrim lately [11:15:01 PM] Hopi.: I've been craving it sooo bad :*
3220Dave#lru2013-02-01 15:19:10<Kanaias> and I know, I played around with the cum a while ago :D
3219Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-01-30 19:52:48 <Kanaias> Dave, you remind me of Murderface
3218Kanaias#lru2013-01-30 18:43:03<Dave> Kana wants slendy >.>
3217Dave#lru2013-01-30 17:11:26 <Lost_Rose> 11:11!
3216Kitsune#lru2013-01-30 16:18:06<%Lost_Rose> lol, your face.
3215Kanaias#lru2013-01-30 12:42:04Kitsune got a trash bukkake
3214Kanaias#lru2013-01-30 12:41:38Kitsune being the badass that he is, decided instead of placing the trash bag into the big green trash can, decided to fling it up and in like a boss.
3213Dave#lru2013-01-28 20:55:35<Bleed^Isotope> Kanaias: c'mere and remind me that i like girls
3212Kitsune#lru2013-01-28 15:20:10<+Kitsune> Okay, so let's do this. Bleed^Isotope, you be Kanaias first, and I'll do you, and then I'll pretend to be Kanaias, and let you have your turn.
3211Kitsune#lru2013-01-27 17:00:49<+Kanaias> THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW HE WAS DROPPING OFF THE COSBIES?
3210Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-01-27 16:19:09<Bleed^Isotope> !summon * SIG steals from AmericanIdiot's basement a 12 year old loli, with dreamy brown eyes, long black hair, and is coated in chocolate. She wishes you had a dick that could actually satisfy her. <Dave> and that's coming from AI's basement <Dave> and his dick is like <Dave> half a roll of rolaids
3209Kitsune#lru2013-01-25 09:18:27<+Kitsune> So, you and Dave, huh? <+Kitsune> I kind of figured <+Kanaias> Noooooo Kitsune D: <+Dave> NONONO
3208Dave#lru2013-01-23 19:46:34<Anon> RIP Dimebag, best bass player Megadeth ever had.
3207TommyD420#lru2013-01-23 17:42:22<Bleed^Isotope> Dave: eat a ick
3206Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-01-23 16:28:46<Kanaias> All I want to do is suck a peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen >.<
3205Bleed^Isotope#lru2013-01-23 15:44:01<Kanaias> I like cum :/ <Kitsune> well good we can make out before you swallow
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