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What is reputation?
Reputation is a way of rewarding members' contributions to the site. You get rep when other members like your posts or other contributions and give it to you, and you can give rep to other members. Your reputation is shown to the left of every post you make, and is also shown on your profile page.

What is rep power?
Rep power is how much reputation you can give to someone else. It is determined by three factors:
1 Point per 90 days registered
1 Point per 100 posts
1 Point per 250 rep

Your rep power is displayed to the left of every post you make. If you have 10 rep power, then when you rep someone you can give them up to 10 reputation.

How do I earn rep?
Make good posts: A good post typically responds to the Original Poster's subject with thoughts of your own directly related to the thread. That is, they're posts that express your opinion using more than just a few words. Each post should help other members understand why you feel the way you do, more often than not this requires more than a few words. It could in fact mean more than one sentence! \So awesome!/

We do of course respect that not everyone has a lot to say when giving their opinion, so don't feel you have to compose a novel in order to produce a 'good' post.

Reputation can only be given to posts, so you need to make posts before a member can add rep to your posts. Begging for reputation is not a good strategy, exploring the site and posting to discussions is a good strategy. If no one seems to be repping your posts, come to the shout for help on how to improve your posts: Our members are friendly people on the whole, and are more than happy to offer helpful advice.

General Note: We do not solicit for or generally accept donations, membership cannot be acquired by making a donation.

Note to content creators: There are many awesome content creators here producing truly marvelous stuff, and they had to earn full membership just like everyone else. Aside from offering helpful advice and encouragement, we do not offer a shortcut to membership for anyone.

Where can newbies post to earn rep?
Many of our forums resources are only available after full membership is achieved. Choose from an ever-expanding plethora of topics to reply to, or post your own!

These are the forums that are open to newbies for posting and creating new threads:

- Introductions: Writing an introduction is a great way to alert other members that you've arrived and can be a great way to start earning reputation.

- Lolicon Discussion: Discuss all things loli!
- Shotacon Discussion: Discuss all things shota!
- General Discussion: This is a place where you can talk about anything that comes to mind that isn't related to one of the other subforums.
- Debate: Serious debate discussion about topics that matter to you. Srs bsns.
- Spam (postcount is not increased by posting in Spam): Posting mostly without rules!
- Film/Art/Literature: For discussing creative works, not limited to loli/shotacon. This can be about recent films, books you've read or movies.
- Tech Shop: Ask or respond to questions about computers and technology.
- Role Playing (postcount is not increased by posting in RP): Get your fantasy on!
- Support: Post if you're having problems with your account, problems posting or downloading content, or experiencing problems with other site functionality.
- Questions & Suggestions: Post here to report problems with the site, ask questions about site functionality, or make suggestions that help make the site a better place!

How do I give rep?
To rep someone for their post, click on the Give Reputation button in the bottom-left corner of their post. The amount of rep you can give is determined by your rep power; if your rep power is 0 you will not see the option to give rep. You must be a contributing member to give rep, for more info see the usergroups FAQ.

What is rep for?
Apart from the obvious gloating rights that come with a high rep, reputation determines your ranking on the forums. You require 45 reputation to become a contributing member, and 1000 for VIP status. See the usergroups FAQ for more details.

I can't find the rep button!
Much as the clitoris, the location of the rep button can seem elusive at first, but after close inspection you will find that on every member's post it's generally in the same spot: The rep button Give Reputation is located in the bottom-left corner of every member's post.

Note: the button will not appear if your rep power is 0. Your rep power is displayed to the left of every post you make. Also note that you must be a full member before you can give rep.

What are the restrictions on giving rep?
  • You cannot rep the same post twice.
  • After repping someone, you must rep fifteen other people before you can rep the first person again
  • You cannot give rep more than ten times in a 24-hour span
  • You must rep posts based on the Merit - Merit is defined as a reward for posted content (this is not limited to posting graphic content, it may be a regular post that positively contributes to a thread)
  • Rep-circles are prohibited - participation carries three levels of penalties before both your Rep Power and total reputation are reduced to 0. A rep-circle is defined by repetitive regular repping of same members within a 30-day period without merit.
  • Attaining full membership: As a fundamental rule, members are not allowed to rep newbies more than 15 rep at a time. Rep should be given for *meritous* posts as opposed to being awarded as a "welcome to the site" reward. Ascension to full membership requires receiving rep from no fewer than 3 full members. Excessive reputation granted to newbies will be edited and potential new member status reset accordingly.

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