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**No images of real children are allowed anywhere on the forums**
Any images of real children found on the forums will be immediately removed without warning.

Why do I keep getting 403 errors?
Some parts of the site require contributing member status. You can read more about this here. Also, some parts (particularly the News forum) require special permission to use. PM a staff member for more info.

How do I use these [youtube] tags?
You only put the video ID (the part after v=) between the tags, not the entire URL. So if you're trying to link, you would type [youtube]oHg5SJYRHA0[/youtube].

Do you have a chatroom?
Yes, we have a chatroom on Discord. Click the "Chat" link at the top of the screen to be connected automatically.

How can we contact you if the site goes down?
Use the Discord chatroom - click the "Chat" link at the top of the screen to be connected automatically.

How do I delete my content?
Upon request, Lolicit will at its own discretion remove content providing it does not damage or invalidate forum threads or posts.

Please note that if you post, upload or otherwise make available any member-generated content on this website, you will still own the rights to this content (assuming you have rights to own it) however you are giving us the right to use your member-generated content. That means that if you send in, post, upload, make available, or disclose to us in any way any your member-generated content, you grant us the right to use it any way we choose in any medium without getting your permission or having to pay you for it.

Content posted against a content creators' will shall be removed upon notice from the confirmed owner of the content in question.

How do I delete my account?
Account deletion policy: We do not delete accounts.

Physically removing accounts and their associated posts/attachments causes damage to threads, and generally breaks content, therefore accounts will not be deleted.

Upon request, your account will be retired, renamed and all personal information removed from your account including email address.

Can we have a new theme? This one sucks!
Currently there is one theme for mobile devices and two options for standard browsers: Plasma and Trenz (PlasmaMini for mobile devices)

These may be selected from a Style Chooser menu at the bottom left corner of every site page. Click the chooser and select the desired site style as shown below.

Style Chooser

Offsite Advertisement is Prohibited is provided to its userbase as a free service without banners or ads of any sort soliciting its members for either paid or free off-site services. To ensure this standard is maintained throughout the site, members shall not post advertisements of any kind in their sigs, profiles or create threads specifically for showcasing a service or site outside of

- Referring to an original source is not disallowed

- Linking to an image on another site (such as a Gelbooru image link in shout) is not offsite advertisement unless the link requires a member to register at that site in order to view the linked content

- Links to offsite images within a post is not allowed: always attach to a post, never hotlink/embed content

- Do not get uptight if you are uncertain what may or may not be qualified as offsite advertisement, PM any Admin to get clarification

No Partisan Politics
Lolicit is a fantasy site for loli and shota lovers and, while we allow for real-life discussions, partisan politics have historically led to trolling and anger amongst our members. Therefore, partisan politics are disallowed at Lolicit.

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